Nov 13



Maestro Giuseppe Zuppardi, Master Dental Technician.  Born in the major southern capital of Naples Italy, Master G. Zuppardi completed and achieved his dental diploma as a dental technician at the Casanova Dental Institute.

In 1969 he met the legendary Dr. P.K. Thomas and started to attend his training courses.

In 1971 he became the proud founding Director of G. Zuppardi Dental Laboratory situated in Naples. The owner of the first Oral Design Centre in Italy and worldwide.

From 1992 to 1995 the Maestro, became a member and is the founder of the

“Villa Beatrice Centre of Oral Rehabilitation”, the flagship of Italian dentistry.

He is the founding member and Honorary President of A.N.T.L.O and Vice President of A.R.C.O.

He was awarded some “Master Prizes” for his career achievements.

Maestro Giuseppe Zuppardi’s professional approach and focussed passion of aesthetic evolution and the continues to mentor nationally and internationally conducting Refresher Courses,he most advanced development of techniques and materials available have led him to share his passion and knowledge of aesthetic excellence.

He lectures not only nationally in Italy, but internationally at the most important conferences such as Germany, Chicago Midwinter, Singapore and Australia to name a few.

He is author of several publications and co-author of “The State Of The Art In Ceramics” (MEA S.r.l. Publishing) and “Progress in Dentistry”.

Master Classes, and individual training for countless technicians. His reputation and wealth of knowledge constitutes a constant point of contact for invaluable advice for various educational levels of technicians.