Jul 16



Massimiliano - Max - Zuppardi, born in Naples, the major capital of the south Italy ,where earned his Dental Technology Degree  .

Since the 80’s he has been working with his father, Maestro Giuseppe Zuppardi, the first Oral Design Member ,being  his partner  and Mentor.

In 1993, Massimiliano established his own laboratory in Naples, where since then, he became an Oral Design Member.

Massimiliano is specializes in complex implant cases and full mouth restorations,with a core focus on precsion,bite, morphology  and aesthetics.

He study the most innovative materials and technology for dental restorations aiming to achieve the most lasting and natural looking prosthesis.

Having experience ,working in  many  countries , he is now esabilshed his business in Sydney, Australia, where he open the, Zuppardi Dental Studio " Oral Design Down Under"

Mentored from master technicians such as Willi Geller, M.H.Poltz, P.Adar,  D.Shultz  M Magne, and many more.

Massimiliano his lecturing internationally, he is  also autor of  several publications on some of the most important Dental Journals.

He is also affiliate external Professor for the Master Stage at Neaples Dental School , he provides  post graduation hands-on courses and master hands on courses  for dental technicians  and dentists  on, precision, morphology , staining tecnique and aesthetic.